The one thing no one told me about Co-sleeping

By Alyssa Harold, Guest Writer Becoming a parent is one of those adventurous experiences in which you find yourself “breaking all the rules.” More specifically, your rules. You know, those lies you told yourself about your future, unborn, perfect children? Yeah, “my child will never…”a wise person stops before she completes that sentence. I am … [Read more…]

It doesn’t always have to be you

By Brett Baker, Core Writer My husband travels a lot. Not so much that I could even come close to being compared to a military wife but he definitely travels more than your average hubby. Often, when I take out the trash, and a neighbor or two will pop their heads out to ask, “Where’s Nathaniel … [Read more…]

My Role in Racial Reconciliation

By Sarah Rieke, Core Writer My daughter and I were snuggled up tight underneath a fuzzy blanket and tucked in the comfiest corner of our L-shaped leather brown couch. Sesame Street was playing on TV. She sucked her thumb and twirled her hair with her pointer finger, telltale signs of sleepiness, and I rubbed my … [Read more…]