3 Tips for Surviving Introverted Motherhood

By Sarah Rieke, Core Writer Hi, my name is Sarah and I am an introvert. Anytime personality stuff comes up in polite conversation and I confess that I am, indeed, an introvert, people often respond with comments like, “But you’re so friendly!” or, “But you’re so nice to be around!” or, “But you always make … [Read more…]

“Why are you always late?” …and other Motherhood FAQs

By Sarah Rieke, Core Writer    If you’ve clicked on a random link and somehow ended up on this motherhood blog and haven’t yet had children, welcome! You’ve actually picked the perfect day to land on this lovely little blog because today I will be addressing some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) you might have about motherhood. … [Read more…]

My Role in Racial Reconciliation

By Sarah Rieke, Core Writer My daughter and I were snuggled up tight underneath a fuzzy blanket and tucked in the comfiest corner of our L-shaped leather brown couch. Sesame Street was playing on TV. She sucked her thumb and twirled her hair with her pointer finger, telltale signs of sleepiness, and I rubbed my … [Read more…]

My solution to the “It goes by so fast” cliche

By Sarah Rieke, Core Writer We’ve all been there. In the front lobby of the grocery store trying to scope out the cart with the least wonky wheels, lifting one kid into the back basket part and one into the front seat, all the while trying not to completely smoosh the baby strapped to your … [Read more…]

A thousand gold stars

By Sarah Rieke, Core Writer I remember being seventeen years old and sitting in my high school psychology class. My teacher was sharing about her second birth experience. She was nearing retirement age but even several decades hadn’t eroded her vivid memory of the details. She described how she had taken a hypnobirthing class to … [Read more…]

Parenting Is Simple (or so I thought before I had kids)

By Sarah Rieke, Core Writer Parenting is simple. In the early days and months, it’s all about good scheduling and establishing a healthy, trusting relationship between you and your newborn. And in the years following parenting is all about consistency in discipline, clear communication of expectations, and maintaining your position as the respected authority figure … [Read more…]