The two lessons I’m sending with my daughter to Kindergarten

By Lauren Lund, Guest Writer My first child leaves the nest this August to take on the murky watercolors of life in Kindergarten. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous for her. She is a unique child and struggles with sensory processing disorder (SPD) and pragmatic language disorder, meaning, she’s socially inappropriate … [Read more…]

The unique worry of a special-needs mom

By Brett Baker, Core Writer If you’ve ever seen the show, Parenthood, then you’ll probably remember this scene: Kristina and Adam Braverman are pregnant with their third, unexpected, child—a child who already has a sibling with Asperger’s, making the new baby more likely to be on the Autism Spectrum as well. Kristina and Adam are … [Read more…]

The layers of being a foster care mom

By Jenna, Guest Writer “Honey, can we be ready for a baby in an hour?” I wasn’t even pregnant the first time those words came out of my mouth. And yet, we did bring a baby home an hour later. This scenario has happened more than once since starting our journey of foster care. Foster … [Read more…]

The hardest part of being a foster mom

By Candace Peera, Guest Writer I like to take Christmas decorations down by myself when I can have time to think and reflect on what has happened over the last twelve months.  More importantly, I try to imagine how life will be different when I take them out again. Last year at this time, I … [Read more…]