Dear First Time Moms

By Theresa Boedeker, Guest Writer Dear First Time Moms, Congratulations! You have joined the honored circle of motherhood. It may look like most mothers have it all together, but the truth is, they really don’t. Most of us are trying to stay one step ahead of our children. Remember this. None of us have children … [Read more…]

Raising kids in a #MeToo World

By Lauren Lund, Core Writer When news broke about some big stars who had suffered sexual harassment, and the hashtag #metoo began circulating my facebook and Instagram pages, I began to think about the times I had been made to feel uncomfortable in my younger years, and how I was never taught to speak up … [Read more…]

Broken Glass; Spilled Milk

By Katie Hornor, Guest Writer I was upstairs folding laundry when I heard the distinctive crash of glass on the tile floor and a small voice from the kitchen exclaim, “Uh-oh!” I dropped the laundry and rushed downstairs to find my 4 year old frozen amidst a puddle of milk and broken glass, a half … [Read more…]

That sneaky, unpredictable tooth fairy

By Laura Wailes, Core Writer As a child, my parents were really careful that we understood the real meaning behind holidays.  We didn’t do Santa or the Easter Bunny.  We had restrictions around Halloween, and on Valentine’s Day, my parents reminded us to take the opportunity to celebrate God’s love and the love of our … [Read more…]

What the Elderly Have Taught Me About Motherhood

By Haley Graydon, Guest Writer I remember his aged hands on the frame of my wheelchair; post-labor exhaustion fogs the rest. He was a hospital volunteer, late seventies or early eighties, and I was a two-day old mother, dazed by the newborn asleep in my arms. My body shook a lot those first days—blood loss … [Read more…]