The two lessons I’m sending with my daughter to Kindergarten

By Lauren Lund, Guest Writer My first child leaves the nest this August to take on the murky watercolors of life in Kindergarten. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous for her. She is a unique child and struggles with sensory processing disorder (SPD) and pragmatic language disorder, meaning, she’s socially inappropriate … [Read more…]

Is Summer over already?

By Laura Wailes, Core Writer The end of Summer always surprises me.  As I get ready to go back to a full time work schedule this next week, I feel a stress and anxiety to get all of the things I had planned for the Summer into the next few days. We didn’t get to … [Read more…]

The strength to keep climbing

By Laura Wailes, Core Writer As I sit here in front of my computer screen tonight, I feel like the last person on earth who should share parenting stories or give advice to other moms.  It’s been one of those days.  Maybe even one of those years. Now that my boys are growing older, they … [Read more…]