How I’m FINALLY learning to trust my gut

A mother’s intuition is born the day her first baby comes into her life, but the intuition is like the baby itself: new, fragile, and in need of nurturing. My intuition and I have had a tenuous relationship over 9 years I have been a mother. Sometimes we get along, working together in harmony, doing … [Read more…]

Why Potty Training is Just the Worst

By Sarah Rieke, Core Writer There have been two distinct times in my life when I remember thinking, “I will only have one child.” The first time was somewhere in the middle of the two-hour process of pushing my first son into the world. The second time was when I was potty training said firstborn … [Read more…]

Balance and Boundary Lines

By Alisha Meador, Guest Writer Every Monday night, I grab my water bottle, change into (or stay in, as the case may be) my yoga pants and head downtown to the yoga studio. If I’m early (which is rare), I stand awkwardly with all the other ‘yogis’ as we wait for the class before ours … [Read more…]