Defeating the “Morning Mommy Monster”

By Laura Wailes, Core Writer In the wee hours of the morning, she lurks in the shadows. She stalks her victims, growing more devious and aggressive with every moment. Three innocent children lie in their beds, unaware of the fate that awaits them. As the light crosses their eyes they awaken slowly… too slowly… And … [Read more…]

3 Tips for Surviving Introverted Motherhood

By Sarah Rieke, Core Writer Hi, my name is Sarah and I am an introvert. Anytime personality stuff comes up in polite conversation and I confess that I am, indeed, an introvert, people often respond with comments like, “But you’re so friendly!” or, “But you’re so nice to be around!” or, “But you always make … [Read more…]

Unraveling Busy

By Molly Crouch, Guest Writer Over the weekend, my husband and I pulled out our calendars and looked at the next month in amazement. October is packed, you guys. If you include the dog (and we do), our immediate family has four birthdays this month. Whoa. After we wrapped our minds around the parties and … [Read more…]

Can I get a redo?

By Sabrena Deal, Guest Writer They say there is a first time for everything. This morning, “everything” included the first (and hopefully last) time that my 9-month-old ate dog poop. We don’t make a practice of leaving dog poop around our home for our little explorer to find but this week we’re hosting an extra … [Read more…]

It doesn’t always have to be you

By Brett Baker, Core Writer My husband travels a lot. Not so much that I could even come close to being compared to a military wife but he definitely travels more than your average hubby. Often, when I take out the trash, and a neighbor or two will pop their heads out to ask, “Where’s Nathaniel … [Read more…]

How to feel like a better mom in six easy steps!

By Annie Turner, Core Writer 1. Be conscious of your personal appearance…Mainly by neglecting it. If you shower infrequently and rarely take the time to apply makeup (much less put on clothes with actual buttons and zippers) you will successfully lower everyone’s expectations. That way, when you sporadically decide to brush your hair and apply … [Read more…]