The day I taught my son the F-word

By Brittany Meng, Creator and Editor of Mothering Beyond Expectations Teachable moments. You know the ones–they come up out of nowhere and scare the living daylights out of you. “Mommy, is there a bad F-word?” My heart stumbled. I cocked my head at my first grader. “What do you mean, honey?” “Some kids in my … [Read more…]

Trying something new: It’s not just for my kids

Last September, I sat at the kitchen table with Isaac for an hour.  Every night.  To do 6-10 math problems.  It was so frustrating. Every night it was the same thing.  Crying.  Complaining.  Ranting.  Refusal.  Avoidance. After about 45 minutes, I would convince him to just try one problem.  After he tried, he realized that he … [Read more…]

When you feel like you are just surviving Motherhood

By Brittany Meng, Creator and Editor of Mothering Beyond Expectations “I feel like I’m just surviving. And I hate that. I want to feel like I’m thriving in motherhood, not living for nap time or just trying to make it through the day.” It was an all-too-familiar post in a moms Facebook group. In fact, … [Read more…]

The layers of being a foster care mom

By Jenna, Guest Writer “Honey, can we be ready for a baby in an hour?” I wasn’t even pregnant the first time those words came out of my mouth. And yet, we did bring a baby home an hour later. This scenario has happened more than once since starting our journey of foster care. Foster … [Read more…]

Parenting Is Simple (or so I thought before I had kids)

By Sarah Rieke, Core Writer Parenting is simple. In the early days and months, it’s all about good scheduling and establishing a healthy, trusting relationship between you and your newborn. And in the years following parenting is all about consistency in discipline, clear communication of expectations, and maintaining your position as the respected authority figure … [Read more…]

I’m his sunshine

By Jessica Buczek, Guest Writer As I sat gathered around the table with friends and family, my son plopped a note into my lap. With a happy grin and light feet, he dropped it and ran. Looking down on this little treasure, I noted the properly placed stamp for left-handers and the letters on the … [Read more…]

Defeating “Zombie-Mom”

By Brett Baker, Core Writer It’s 3:45pm and the day has completely gotten on top of me. The laundry I’ve been swearing I’d put away since last week still sits half-folded in the laundry room, and I’m standing in the kitchen, so tired that my eyes are watering. My daughter is crying about her Bandaid … [Read more…]