How one little word is changing my perspective

By Laura Wailes, Core Writer I love the holidays. All of them.  I find great joy in every single part and it fulfills all of the dreams I had about being a mom and having a family. But I have to admit that sometimes I have a little trouble balancing my “want to” life with … [Read more…]

Freedom in the Wait

By Matina Alston, Core Writer As my five-year-old peered at me with her big browns, I expected her to whisper sweet nothings, but she gut-punched me with this question: “Momma, when will God heal me?” I froze with internal turmoil. Would I voice my usual reply that reflected my faith? I so deeply wanted to, … [Read more…]

My baby, my redemption: A Birth Story

By Breanne Davis, Core Writer When I think back to the most significant pain in my life all I can think about is how much I loved that pain. Truly. I’m not crazy nor am I someone who enjoys pain. This pain for me was healing; it was redemptive. This labor pain was exactly what … [Read more…]

We made the choice to keep her

By Sarah Rieke, Core Writer My husband and I were at a work function, a rooftop cocktail hour with an open bar. At seven months pregnant, I wasn’t taking advantage of the bar, but the woman we were talking to seemed to be enjoying all the evening had to offer. We were chatting politely with … [Read more…]