My Daughter’s Storm

By Lauren Lund, Guest Writer The day my daughter was born, there were tornado warnings. The geography of where we lived pretty much made a tornado impossible. Yet, there it was on the TV: WARNING! TORNADO! I truly believe my daughter rode this storm to earth, and she has not slowed down since. Her feisty … [Read more…]

I’m tapping out of Halloween this year

By Brittany Meng, Creator and Editor of Mothering Beyond Expectations “Mom, where did Halloween come from?” My 9 year old asked me from the backseat of the car. I stopped at the light, flipped on my blinker and then launched into an awkward, halting story about “All Saints Day,” “holy people,” “scary stuff,” and how … [Read more…]

Balance and Boundary Lines

By Alisha Meador, Guest Writer Every Monday night, I grab my water bottle, change into (or stay in, as the case may be) my yoga pants and head downtown to the yoga studio. If I’m early (which is rare), I stand awkwardly with all the other ‘yogis’ as we wait for the class before ours … [Read more…]

If you’ve lost a baby, you’re not alone

By Sarah Rieke, Core Writer A year ago yesterday I picked up my son’s ashes from the funeral home. That sentence is all sorts of wrong. A year ago today I talked with the genetic counselor at my doctor’s office about the findings of my baby’s autopsy. Cool.  Just what I like to do on … [Read more…]

When Google was my Only Ally

By Brett Baker, Core Writer Many mothers recall those first few months of motherhood by the sleepless nights, untimely milk letdowns, diaper blowouts, or the endless swaddling. What I remember is the bouncing. Bouncing, bouncing and more bouncing. If I wasn’t bouncing, he was crying. Screaming, really. And I don’t mean a sweet, gentle jiggle. … [Read more…]