I wish someone told me it was okay to struggle

By Brittany Rollins, Core Writer Before I had kids, I was an expert in parenting. I’m not sure what gave me such confidence in it because I hadn’t been around babies all that much, but I was certain that it would come naturally. There was some nervousness, but I wasn’t nervous about being a good … [Read more…]

She wasn’t adjusting anymore

By Brittany Meng, Creator and Editor of Mothering Beyond Expectations I went to the park with my two younger sons today and we met some new friends. The first friend I noticed was a beautiful girl with bright eyes and a quick smile. She wore a pretty black and white striped dress, a matching headband, … [Read more…]

Coming Soon!

Hi! I’m Brittany, creator and editor of Mothering Beyond Expectations. Before I had kids, I had all sorts of dreams about what it would be like to be a mother. I imagined the conversations we would have, the books I would read to them, and the memories we would make, I imagined that I would … [Read more…]