That sneaky, unpredictable tooth fairy

By Laura Wailes, Core Writer As a child, my parents were really careful that we understood the real meaning behind holidays.  We didn’t do Santa or the Easter Bunny.  We had restrictions around Halloween, and on Valentine’s Day, my parents reminded us to take the opportunity to celebrate God’s love and the love of our … [Read more…]

What the Elderly Have Taught Me About Motherhood

By Haley Graydon, Guest Writer I remember his aged hands on the frame of my wheelchair; post-labor exhaustion fogs the rest. He was a hospital volunteer, late seventies or early eighties, and I was a two-day old mother, dazed by the newborn asleep in my arms. My body shook a lot those first days—blood loss … [Read more…]

Unraveling Busy

By Molly Crouch, Guest Writer Over the weekend, my husband and I pulled out our calendars and looked at the next month in amazement. October is packed, you guys. If you include the dog (and we do), our immediate family has four birthdays this month. Whoa. After we wrapped our minds around the parties and … [Read more…]

The Baby I Hold in My Heart

By Susie Maurer, Core Writer October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month Today I’m going to tell a story that I didn’t want to tell. It’s not because the story isn’t worth telling—quite the contrary—but because no woman should have to tell this story. I spent this past summer daydreaming about living this October … [Read more…]

“Why are you always late?” …and other Motherhood FAQs

By Sarah Rieke, Core Writer    If you’ve clicked on a random link and somehow ended up on this motherhood blog and haven’t yet had children, welcome! You’ve actually picked the perfect day to land on this lovely little blog because today I will be addressing some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) you might have about motherhood. … [Read more…]

Can I get a redo?

By Sabrena Deal, Guest Writer They say there is a first time for everything. This morning, “everything” included the first (and hopefully last) time that my 9-month-old ate dog poop. We don’t make a practice of leaving dog poop around our home for our little explorer to find but this week we’re hosting an extra … [Read more…]